Wantage Dive Club Calendar

The club calendar is available for you to subscribe to from your phone, home/work computer, ipad, etc, so that you automatically are able to see all events in the club diary.

This is the public calendar link:

Existing google calendar users
Please notify the committee of your google username, and we will share the calendar with you existing calendar. Committee members are provided with write access so that they can add new events and update existing events.

browse to this page via the phones web browser, click on the link and follow the instructions, it should add the calendar to your phones calendar app as a separate calendar. Or email yourself the link if the email goes to your phone and then click on it.

Android/Google Phone
Go to the calendar section for gmail/google apps account calendar list and you will find an option to add a new calendar, you will see an option to add by url, paste the above link.

Microsoft Outlook
Go to account manager in outlook (2007) via tools then account settings and switch to internet calendars tab. Click new to add a new subscription, then paste in the link.

Apple iCal etc.
For awesome OS X users, phone a friend that uses windows and tell them to put it in the bin, when you have finished gloating click file->new calendar subscription, paste in the link, adjust settings as required and voila you’re done.

I don’t think these can do it, so you have to sync via outlook, or setup your own google calendar and then follow the google-calendar instructions above.