Dive Planing Meeting

posted 18 Jan 2016, 03:02 by Steve Colam

Hi Folks,

Thank you to Mike & Amanda for hosting the 2016 dive planning meeting. There are lots of trips planned and the calendar has already been updated.



Wantage Dive Club - Dive Planning 2016

Bradfield College Try Dive

posted 25 Nov 2015, 02:58 by Steve Colam

Caroline organised a try dive for 11 students, many thanks to all the WDC members who helped out.

We're planning another try dive on the 4th, if you can help please get in contact with Caroline.


Valentines Day Dinner

posted 14 Feb 2015, 14:18 by Amanda Johnston   [ updated 18 Feb 2015, 15:11 by Steve Colam ]

Great evening at Jackie & Roly's this evening - lovely food & company!

Website training


Our boxes have arrived !

posted 25 Jan 2015, 14:02 by Steve Colam   [ updated 18 Feb 2015, 15:12 ]

Today I met with Jack Ingle on the A339/M3 junction and picked up our boxes. Mike, Amanda and I are signed up for a course with him in April in Malta. Can't wait !

Here are some pics... oh and some pork roast :)


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