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2010 Cromhall Training

Wantage Dive Club – Cromhall 13th March 2010

First dive of the season in March. Many of you thought we were nuts. Few of you are crazy, as you had already dived this year. Anyway, announced and 8 people signed up.

Day before, I said the weather was going to turn out nice. Some sceptics did not believe me. 8am, car showing 2°. By 8.30 risen to 4° & by 9am, a sunny 6°. A 200% increase in temperature in 1 hour. The day was looking promising. However, it had only moved from f-ing cold to annoyingly cold.

Arriving at Cromhall, brilliant sunshine and hardly anyone in the car park. Water was almost flat calm. Brilliant, just what we wanted for a days diving, practice skills that may have rusted over the winter months. great lesson in planning skills by Dave. Said we would arrive at 9.30am and everyone on site on time. OK let’s get in the water for 10am 5 mins to get kit ready, 5 mins for changing, 5 mins for kitting up, 5 mins for buddy check and 10 mins contingency OK, let’s be in the water for 10am. Daves trio was first failed, 50 mins to get in water (kit failure). Second paid up was Neil failed, 60 mins (kit failure). Mark was trio he was shore cover so got a pass. Next time we check (Editors note – bloody amazing that he had no kit failure). Diving was a mixture of low vis and zero vis. Usual kit failures good that it happens in a training dive in shallow water. Everyone got in the water at least once for almost 30 minutes it was a barmy 5° at 10m. Three us even went back for a second dive for another 30 minutes. CBL, AAS, fin pivots, compass work (or absence of it!), dsmb deployment. No one was brave (foolish) enough to try mask clearing. Still time before the dive season starts.

Roll on April when we go to sea. Cannot wait

Divers: Dave, Mark G, Neil, Ali, Liz, Martin, Carsten, Julie

Dive facts: 11 dives, 5.5 hours in water time

David Wright