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Scapa 2017

Geoff's first trip to Scapa (Work in Progress)

Divers: Amanda Johnston, Mike Little, Geoff Paige, Mark Giddings

I said I would never drive up to Scotland again since driving back from my honeymoon. On that occasion it was a 10 day trip of which 5 days was committed to diving and when the wife turned up we spent the remaining days touring around Scotland...Starting as I meant to continue...

This time it would just be for 5 days, could I put up with the drive, would the diving be worth the 13 hour drive up't North and then across to Orkney. Orkney had been described by the team as being bleak, cold and windy. What a surprise then to find clear skies, warm weather fit for shorts and tee-shirts. If it weren't for the pubs, distilleries and a few gnats we could have have gotten a suntan,

There was even doubt as to whether I would have a buddy to share the driving and more importantly the diving. Here's how it went.

Day 1: Saturday
6:30 woken to the rumbling of engines... Not our boat but those of the ferry starting up in the harbour. We would be able to lie in for another 30 minutes before we were off.
8:30 and we were in the water after the briefing.
Where and what were we looking for - I did not have a clue.
The only thing i knew was that it was going to be a wreck and it was going to be gin clear...
Well it was a wreck at least. 

We dropped down the shot and returned up the shot...but not the one we were supposed to.

We managed to find a 'new' shot from the centre of the wreck complete with a buoy hovering just below the surface. This caused the skipper to nearly have a heart attack as he was maneuvering the boat right over our heads as we were coming up.

Day 2: Sunday

Overall the trip was